Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Being Back


Yes!!! I'm back at Pt England. Isn't it just wonderful, coming back to a place where it all began? Well it is for me ,especially if it is coming back to a great school called Pt England Primary school in Pt England, Auckland.

When I came back my best friend Brooklyn said that I could never ever leave again until college, I started laughing but once she said was serious my laughing cut straight away and there was an awkward silence until to my relief the bell went for the start of school.
I asked Brooklyn, "Hey, who's our teacher?"she said "Miss Squires ,she's really nice trust me she is."

Ever since then it has been like I never left, all my friends are still the same, I am not treated like a new girl and it is just really fun being back at Pt England. I never want to leave ever again.