Friday, November 30, 2012

Blue Light Disco

“WOOHOO” My brother and sister exclaimed as they ran through the door. My sister was really really excited to go to the blue light disco, run by the police. It was only 5 o’clock, and I was still in my towel, because I had just spent 2 hours on my hair!!! Though I was really excited anyway! :) I was waiting for the clock to hit 5:50 so that we could go to the disco already!

Once I was finally ready, I was literally pushed into the door, so that my brother could get out. Thats the hard part of having younger siblings.

When we got to school, all my friends were there. I was super happy! Jay’lee and I went to pay for our tickets to get into the disco.

Fist pumping into the hall, there was very loud music, and fluorescent lights everywhere I looked, I knew that tonight would be a great night!!!

All was smoothly, and I was having a great night with my friends. But then one of my favourite song came on, and that was when it got even better. I was dancing away to cat daddy, even though I wasn't very good at it.

Well there was much more to say about this, but I really don't think I have the words to say it all. But I thank PES and all of the prefects for one of the best nights ever. :)

Monday, November 26, 2012

Poem Ko Tokelau

............Ko Tokelau........

Where I am from, I can hear the birds rustling in the trees.
Where I am from, I feel the rough sand rubbing in between my toes.
Where I am from, I hear the sound of the waves crashing against the sand.
Where I am from, the sound of water lapping against the vaka, soothing.
Where I am from, I feel the warmth of the sun against my skin.
Where I am from, as I swim, I feel the slime of the fish as they swiftly swim past me.
Where I am from, the sweet smell of my aunt's famous foods fill each nostril, the best smells ever.
Where I am, I taste freshly cooked taro and chopsuey.
Where I am from, I hear the sweet sound of the laughter and song from the elders.
Where I am from, I smell my aunty as I hug her.
Memories now of the old perfume she poured onto herself daily.
Where I am from, I see the games played by children, and hear the laughter that follows.
Where I am from, I feel the sting of the volleyball as I serve in a ‘friendly’ game.
Where I am from, I see the families daily prayers, a sign of faith and respect.
Where I am from, I feel Love, and only love.
Where I am from, is Tokelau.....

-- Chante Filipo --

Monday, November 19, 2012

Chia Pet

Two weeks ago, in Extension, we had the challenge of re-searching about a toy. In order to do this, we had to pick a number, from 1-20 and what ever toy we got, we had to re-search and present it to the class. I had the Chia pet. 

This is what I had said in my presentation.

The Chia pet is basically a gardening pot shaped into an animal, with the back front or side open for soil and chia seeds. The chia seeds grow in a few weeks and form the hair or fur of the shaped animal/ cartoon character. It is usually made of clay, stone, or wood.

It got its name because of the Chia seeds, which originated from America. They grow in the northern regions of Mexico. They were made in Mexico but now are a produce of China.


Last Term the extension class had the opportunity to recreate a Charles Goldie Painting, this is the painting that I copied.

This Artwork was my inspiration by the famous New Zealand artist Charles Frederick Goldie. He was very famous for painting the Maori back in the 1900’s. His artwork was motivated by the thought of the Maori being extinct, though later on the numbers of  Maori had skyrocketed. He also painted the Maori because of their taonga, like their Moko

The actual painting is called ‘ A Noble Relic, Of a Noble Race’, by Charles Frederick Goldie. It was painted in the year 1910, and today would be 102 years old. Charles Goldie has painted this oil on canvas and has set his painting in a Maori Whare. Te Wharekauri Tahuna was the subject of Goldies painting as he was the Chief of Ngati Manawa.

In the reproduction of this artwork, I had struggled with the moko and the shading. The Moko was very hard to draw, as there was a lot of detail to put towards my final product. This also made me want to research more about the Moko and why people get it.

I hope you enjoy my artwork! Chante-Aria Filipo

Friday, November 16, 2012


Drip drop, drip drop. Amy shivered at the thought of having to spend the night in a house like this. Cold, damp and frightening at every single look. She was starting to regret her decision, to spend the night in the derelict barn, “Stupid Dare” she mumbled, mind you, isn’t halloween supposed to be scary? Well she didn’t have time to procrastinate, it was time to get settled in.

As soon as she had finished she walked around glaring at her watch, stepping to the beat of the seconds hand. “C’mon c’mon c’mon” she whispered to herself, “ they need to see me here” Amy sighed “Hurry up Sophia” a few minutes later she heard a man shouting outside, she looked out of the shafts in the wall, and she could see a silhouette of a man in a coat, holding a young boy by his collar. The boy looked pretty tall, and quite thin. “ Oh I hope he’s alright “ Amy said as she lay down on the squab, but then, the shouting grew louder, and louder, and louder, until....

The door flew open, and with it a gust of wind. Soon the old man was clearly angry, still holding the young boy by his collar. Amy leaped off the old mattress and pounced on her bag, packing it rapidly. As she was packing, she could hear shouting, and then a loud thud, with a clutter straight afterwards. The young girl, was confused by things she had been told to do in this kind of situation, but everything changed at that moment, when she saw the shadow creeping up towards the door of the little room she had just managed to crawl into. Now there was nowhere to go, and she couldn’t get any help. Her heart was thumping like a loud snare drum...... boom boom boom.......

The door flew open, and with a huge gasp, Amy was picked up by her arm. “LET ME GO” She shouted, but the end of her high pitched voice, was muffled by the old mans humongous hand. Throwing her legs about, and trying to remove the hand that was now blocking her nose Amy was determined to get free.

It was too late, Amy was now on her knees, in a dark room trying to get her hands free. They were really tight and she didn’t know if there was really any point in trying to untie herself, so she shuffled to the back of the room, she sat underneath the window, that she had not long before thought of jumping out of, though she learnt the hard way, that it is pretty hard to get out of when your legs are tied. So with that she pressed her face against her knees, and cried. “Don’t worry” she heard a voice, a boys one. Amy looked around the room, and saw the boy she had seen just before she hide away in fright. “Hi” She said not to sure on how to reply to a confidence booster that had failed to do its job in this time of a near death experience.

Suddenly I heard the faint sound of police sirens in the distance, getting closer and closer. Thank goodness this ordeal is nearly over.



“Ahh the sweet smell of summer. Its great. Don’t you think Bradley?” Amy exclaimed, she had created a little bit of crush towards Bradley, though he didn’t catch on very well. Though But being a 12 year old boy, I don’t think he really knew what to do except play, and annoy people. Bradley hadn’t been listening, he was too busy playing with little Tommy singing Twinkle Twinkle, because that was the only song Tommy knew. The only other boy on this camping trip.

Tommy was only seven years old, and was the youngest boy in the family, he had quite liked hanging out with my best friend Amy whose only 11, and insisted that I let him come with us. I was the eldest. I turned 12 a month before bradley did, so it was my responsibility to keep everyone safe, as well as Bradley, even though I didn’t like to admit that he was much stronger than I was, but I was deffinately the most mature out of us.

My thoughts on how to beat Bradley at things were interrupted by little Tommy. He was talking to a tree. “ Hello there Mr tree, have I seen you before?” he asked poking at the tree like my cat Fluffy when she doesn’t want to eat. “Tommy come on” I grabbed him by the hand and led him to the river where the others were.

“Chante” Bradley called out to me. “Here we go again” I sighed.  is probably going to show me something ‘amazing’ that I have to see, because its just too good to miss, but to my surprise he was looking at the river very cautiously, he made it seem like it was going to gobble him up or something. “Yeah, what's up” I asked him anxiously, “ Haven't we past this already?” Hmm I hadn’t remembered passing this before, but it could just be me. “umm, I am not too sure, but its getting dark, maybe we should just set camp up over here, just until the morning.”