Monday, May 30, 2011

A Country Like Mine

This about a book called A country like mine.

Oktapodi Movie Reveiw

The movie review I will be talking to you about, is called Oktapodi. It is set in a Greek village. And there are 3 main characters. Two of then are octopuses. A female and a male octopus,they are in love <3.

The Other character is A chef that has octopus on the menu. And he decided that he would get another octopus to chop and dice to make their restaurant the best of them all.

I think that the korero or message I have received from this is that nothing could ever tear true love. And I would definitely recommend this movie to any one even if they are 8 or 80, Because this film has got everything that you need to know what love really is!<3

Friday, May 27, 2011

going to wellington part 3

“Hang on, where is the gate?” Mr Burt said confusingly. 
“Wait maybe we should go this way” Mr Burt said nervously.  So we walked back the way we had come from.

 “Hello Russell we were waiting for you, c’mon have some breakfast” A lady said. Mr Burt said that we were going into the Koru Lounge where all the rich people go. I couldn't see any people but that was because we got to go into a private room. I think the lady's name was Anne. I’m not sure but she was very very kind. She poured a drink for each ambassador and gave us all a plate for a quick breakfast.

Once everyone had eaten the kind lady said that we should get going so that we don’t miss our flight. Mr Burt agreed so then we were off.

Going to Wellington Part 2

Okay so we just got to the airport.  It was quite a long ride to get to the airport.

Because the girls were with Mrs Burt we got to have cameras to look after. I got a still Cam.

Mr Burt and the boys finally arrived in the underground parking to meet up with Mrs Burt Vivienne, Litia, Rita and I. Mr Burt told us that we are a blob and that we have to stick together. So we all agreed that we would all stick together.

It was quite windy outside the airport so we all rushed inside. All the ambassadors and Mr and Mrs Burt.

Once we were all inside the airport Mr Burt tried to swipe his online ticket in the scanner but he couldn't. I giggled and Rita did too. Mr Burt tried again and again.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Redesigning my netbook

For the last few days room seventeen has been designing things my using their technological and creative ideas for this terms topic.

Today our task was to redesign our net book bags. This activity was by far my favourite yet. We had to us the bar key. So on my net book bag I added a Drawer that shall give out a pen and paper just in case I need it to do some homework. I also added a an I pad 2 to the front of my net book bag to make it entertaining. That was the A in bar. Next I replaced the zip with a voice activated zip so that only I can activate it. I replaced the ASUS with my name.

I added the voice activated zip to make sure that I would be the only one whom could have access to my net book. And I turned the ASUS with my name so that everyone would know that it belonged to me. I think that I did make my net book bag better by adding the drawer and the I Pad. I don’t think I made it faster how ever putting the skateboard with the bag to bring it to me might make it faster. You never know.

Monday, May 23, 2011


Yes we’re going swimming we’re going swimming I said in my head over and over again. I was absolutely excited that the yr 5 and 6 students get to go swimming for 2011. I was in Mr Marks group as I was very confident at swimming, even if I didn’t go to that group I would have got sent there anyway.

“Common Girls go and have a quick rinse off then hop in the pool” Mr Marks told us. I quickly rinsed off then hopped inside the pool. “Brrrrrrrrr”! I shrieked aloud. The water was freezing cold,Brooklyn was already under the water so I went down with her, totally forgetting about the temperate of the pool. But once it was my turn to swim,I was so nervous that by that point I was no longer feeling like an Ice cube.

“Common Girls go and have a quick rinse off then hop in the pool” Mr Marks told us. I quickly rinsed off. When Mr Marks told me to do freestyle I was so delighted because freestyle is my favourite swimming style. So then I Ducked under the water,Pushed off the wall and opened my eyes quickly to make sure I was right on track. I lifted my head and gasped for air. As soon as I was under the water again, my arms automatically lifted, and my legs were powered up like an brand new engine. I really only had to brush up on my breathing techniques, as I had to make sure my head was touching the side of my arm and I think I improved quite a bit.

As time passed and people were improving even more It was nearly time to go back to school and I had no Idea what was happening until I saw People racing each other. Then there were more people racing,and more, and more. I wanted to race Serena But then I had to race Ashleigh.

Now it was just Ashleigh, I and the water. I could feel my legs powering up and lungs getting ready to have a bit of a hold up. THEN.......................... GO, We were off. I could feel Ashleigh was right behind me so I had to turn my speediness up notch. Then I hit the wall and quickly looked back and then realised I was the WINNER. But that was only because Ashleigh had a sore ankle. Though winning is winning and I had won fair and square.

But then it was time to go back to school. I am lucky that I have swimming every Friday, that was my secret weapon!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Going to wellington Part 1

(6:30 in the morning) Beep Beep Beep Beep my alarm went off,I was already awake because I woke up at around 4 in the morning and could not go to sleep so I quickly turned it off and leaped out of bed with such excitement.

Quickly putting my uniform pulling out my collar just to make me look even more intelligent I unpinned my MANIAKALANI badge and slipped it to it's spot. I was going to wellington.

Before we could leave school to go to the airport,all eight ambassadors got the privilege to wear a intermediate jumper and we also got to take our net-books to blog about our experience.

Once we were all ready it was time to get in the car and then we were off to the airport.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Vote For The Best Introduction

I have written two Introductions of what I did during the Easter break. Please vote for the best Introduction that matches my movie above.

1.Molly (my friend) and Noah (Molly’s brother) were waiting for me at the shops but I forgot a few things like my sleeping bag,pillow and my towel for Easter camp, so we had to go back home and grab all of those things, and then we had to run all the way back to the car. We waited for a while for Isra (Molly’s dad) to come and swap cars with us then we were off to a holiday programme.

2.“Hey Mollz, will I fit into the holiday programme?” I asked my friend Molly “Yeah of coarse, We’re all crazy remember” I just giggled then Emily (Molly’s Mum) told us to quickly hop out of the car and pop our things inside.

Gemma Finds a Kiwi.

My group has been reading an article called GEMMA FINDS A KIWI. This is what we found out.