Tuesday, October 12, 2010

This Terms Topic

Immersion Assembly

“I wonder what the new topic is for this term?” I was saying to myself as I was walking up the ramp to class. I was trying to see what the new topic was as Rita was making her way to open the door for me to get in class but I couldn't because of the curtain to room fifteens window. Rita opened the door and I was looking around the class and saw a few changes that were made to it by Miss Squires but then my daydream was interrupted by “That is our table” Rita pointed over to the table near the window I did not reply but went and put my bag on a chair. Then Brooklyn came and I told her where our table was and the bell went and Miss Squires said”Okay lining up for assembly”and room fifteen obeyed her.

Once we were all lined up and Miss Squires ad taken us to Immersion assembly. Immersion assembly is when teachers dress up as the topic to give us kids a little taste of what our term would be all about this term is “LITTLE CRITTERS”. There was heaps of amazing costumes, there was red feathers, white gloves and tinsel but that was not all there was heaps more.

There were 5 teams my favourite was team 4 because they were a colony of bees and Mr barks was the queen bee and had four babies,one set of twins and two sets of single babies. Miss Squires was a worker bee as well as Miss Va’afusuaga, Miss Garden and Miss King. Mr Barks was flicking his long, curly golden coloured hair or should I say wig and talking but he would get interrupted by having a baby or babies.

I also liked team 5 although they were just worms it was nice and simple not very frustrating because you have find something to do that is cool. Any way hey were in sleeping bags slithering across the stage.

I like our Immersion Assembly's because it gets me more excited for the rest of the term.


  1. Hey Chante!

    That is an awesome story about the Immersion Assembly.
    When you stood up on that mini stage at the Maniakalani Film Festival you were confident and you stood up you werent shy
    Keep the awesome work up!!


  2. Thank-you although I have spoken in front of a lot of people I was still a bit shy. I apreciate all of your guys comments hope to hear more from you.



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