Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The awesome technology for the future of kids. Netbooks, that’s right netbooks, it is the new way of learning, and I’m into it! Even though it is a very small device it has done a lot for me, and if it was taken away from me, I don’t know what I'd do.

I absolutely love being able to go on the Internet to help develope my learning, except there is one problem. That is exactly what helps me,  the Internet! Sometimes it causes me to fall behind because the airport crashes and the Internet fails. It is not very cool.

One of the hardest things I have had to get used to was changing my ways. And by changing my ways I mean that I had to learn to type faster, remember that my netbook was a type of teacher and it is supposed to  help me.

Learning is much much, much easier now then before. Because we don’t have to wait for a turn to use the class computers and things are much better to read because people can understand it. Also learning is faster and simpler.

Last but not least, I also had to make a commitment, that would take on the responsibility of charging my netbook every night, taking care of it like it was holding my life in it’s hands and it is. This device will be a life changer for the future of the children here, we will be able to become someone that is a hardworking and will have a great career. Personally it has taught me to believe in myself and learn that I can follow my dreams. Also if this was taken away from me I don’t know what I would do.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Vote Education Developers!

For the last few weeks everyone has been deciding on who to vote for, and on Saturday the 26th of November they started to give out voting papers for people to vote. People voted for who they wanted to run New Zealand as we live in a democratic society, so we are run by democrats. If I were apart of Party for people to vote for this would be my billboard and my Party name would be EDUCATION DEVELOPERS! Take a look at this.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Pt England Athletics Day!!!

"Oh No!" I said to my friend, " I forgot we had athletics today." She just laughed at me. Luckily I was able to get ready for it and let it just move to my head that I have to do athletics today.

I thought I shouldn't be nervous because I was going to present to people and that is way more nerve racking!

Once I had finished presenting, it was like athletics wouldn't phase me........ I thought wrong! I just remembered that I really DISLIKE running and things. The only thing I really liked out of everything was; High Jump and Javelin.

Running was a bit more fun then any other time I have ever run competitively! During the heat which was the first round of the running I fell over but got back up and got to start the run again. I kinda felt sorry for the rest of the girls that were running with me because they had to start again, luckily they got to have a rest before we restarted. I came 1st equal and then in the final I came 4 I think. Anyway I thought that Athletics day was awesome and can’t wait to do it again!

Pt England Athletics Day!!!

"Oh No!" I said to my friend, " I forgot we had athletics today." She just laughed at me. Luckily I was able to get ready for it and let it just move to my head that I have to do athletics today.

I thought I shouldn't be nervous because I was going to present to people and that is way more nerve racking!

Once I had finished presenting, it was like athletics wouldn't phase me........ I thought wrong! I just remembered that I really DISLIKE running and things. The only thing I really liked out of everything was; High Jump and Javelin.

Running was a bit more fun then any other time I have ever run competitively! During the heat which was the first round of the running I fell over but got back up and got to start the run again. I kinda felt sorry for the rest of the girls that were running with me because they had to start again, luckily they got to have a rest before we restarted. I came 1st equal and then in the final I came 4 I think. Anyway I thought that Athletics day was awesome and can’t wait to do it again!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Camp Bentzon, What A Great Way To End A Year!!!

The Wonderful Ferry ride.
“Oh my gosh, that was such a long bus ride!” I said to Brooklyn. “I know aye.” She replied to me yawning. We had just been on a bus for about 1 and a half hours to get to Sand Spit. That ride wasn’t the best I’d ever had, in fact it was one of the worst! It was so long and very stuffy also I was soo hungry, but luckily we were able to have morning tea...........FINALLY!

Once everyone had finished there food we all had to help and load everything onto the ferry. And when I say everything I mean everything! We had to load things from bags and sleeping gear to things the were needed in the kitchen, and I am sure our cook, Mr Coop brought a whole restaurant! Just kidding. But it sure was hard work loading them all up.

We got everything onto the Ferry quite quickly. Therefore we had a bit of a treat, which was to sit up on the top deck. It was cool; sitting with some of the boys and my best friend, singing school songs together, the highlight of my day. Unfortunately it was soon over and we had to unpack everything again. NO!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Camp on Kawau!!!

In 1 more week, we will be going onto a ferry making our way to the wonderful Island of Kawau. I think that this will be a great experiance, for all of the year 6 children to learn about being green, and also respecting the earth, the adults, and each other. I can’t wait!

Camp Benzon is on an island just 8 kilo metres from the mainland. You have to catch a ferry to get there though.

I am so excited to go to Kawau Island. Even just looking at the photographs of the venue makes me want to go there as soon as possilble, especially because there are so many cool things to do there like; Kayaking, Burma trails, absailing the confidence and even more!!!

I really look forward to jumping off the wharf, as it will be a great thing to do and it brings back very cool memories from being with my family. Also I can do it with my family at school. This will be the highlight of the camp for me.

But I think that not getting to sleep fast with my friends will be a challenge, because your with your friends of coarse or people that you get along with well. I just hope we don’t get in trouble, becasue that will be a shame!

I am so looking forward to this special camp, and I hope that I can learn a lot from this experiance. Starting to pack is easy, it is just the what we are supposed to bring that is getting annoying! But I still can’t wait. C’mon year 6 camp, I am ready for you.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Tennis Coaching

“Yes” I said as we were walking up to a mini net and some tennis rackets. I was very excited, because my class was going to have tennis coaching coached by Marcel, he was here to teach all of us how to play tennis, as it was his profession.

I have played tennis before, with my Dad and Brother, so I kind of knew what I was doing …. but still had to make sure that I listened, just to be sure because Marcel was teaching us how to grip the racket, and hit with a forehand. It was a bit tricky but I got there. Though my defeat over trickery made something mad, and the bad luck was forming faster and faster.

Room 17 was listening attentively as Marcel said “Okay know everybody find a partner and we are going to play a little game that will help your tennis skills” We all listened. I was with Brooklyn my best friend. I thought that she would be very easy to get out and drop the ball, forgetting that she had been playing tennis for 2 years now. Of coarse I lost and looked like I couldn’t hit the ball but I got over it, though at the time, it was so embarrassing.

I was getting better and better and by the start of the second activity I was sure my luck would come again. In my group and still very excited about my luck, I saw what we were about to do. We had to have a rally with people in our group that we were placed in, one by one. Who ever got the other person out was the King or Queen until he or she was beaten. I thought that I would never be Queen, but to my surprise I was TWICE. I liked this part the best!

I had fun at tennis coaching but was nackered at the end. It was a bit hard and I can’t wait till next time. Lets see if I improve.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Ice-Cream Comets!!!

When I walked into class on Monday morning, I saw that there were Ice Cream cones on top of the tray area and thought, What might we be doing today? Little did I know, I was going to make Comets with my class, and room 16. I just could not wait.

After Lunch, we started to get ready for the scientific delicacy! Miss Garden was talking about how we were going to do this. “ You will have 1 scoop of Ice-cream. Then it will be in your hands, and you are going to run outside to Mr Somerville and get some dust, to roll your scoop of Ice cream in.” We had a choice between Vanilla Ice cream and Chocolate Ice cream. (I chose Chocolate like a lot of other people) Once she thought we were settled we got stuck in!

I didn’t think that the Ice Cream was going to be that cold………. but I was so wrong. IT WAS FREEZING. I could only just handle it, luckily I could run to get it over and done with. Though, to be honest, when I got to Mr S, I think I was rolling the dust which were crushed biscuits, and hundreds and thousands used to represent the rocks on a comet, over my Ice cream so fast, that most of it fell to the ground. “Whoops” I said.

Once I had put the tail on my comet,(Which was the Ice Cream cone) I was eating my very, very delicious Ice cream comet with all of my friends. We were kind of getting distracted because of the boys that were being very silly! But it was still very Yummy and no one could distract us from that.

I had a lot of fun making the Ice Cream comets, even though they made a huge mess. But maybe one day we could do something like this again, except even bigger and better. Just kidding.

A big thank you to my teachers, you have me want to learn more about this term’s topic!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Dog On In the Holidays!!!!

It was early morning, and I was still a bit tired from the trip from Rotorua last night. Yawning and scuffing along the ground with my slippers sleepily, I was going towards my bag listening to music with my dad. We were getting ready to take Chip the dog for a walk.

The car ride was pretty fast but it was SMELLY!!! Especially because I was the only girl in the car. The half Border Colly and half Golden retriever, was called Chip and His owner was named Curtis. (That’s my dads friend.) They were very cool!!! ( But kinda smelly....Just kidding)

We all got out of the car and started walking through the track surrounded by a forest like area. I was trying to tell Chip to hop into the water to give him something else to do, but he wouldn’t listen to me the first two times. "Tell him firmly" Curtis said, "OK" I replied. I was complaining that Chip would only listen to curtis an my dad but eventually it worked.

We were at the dog park. You know like on T.V where they take the dogs for runs around the coarse, and who ever gets the fastest time wins.....? , any way that was what I was doing with Chip, he was very good at the coarse but he was getting distracted by all of the other dogs that we met before. I was very tired after the first few runs but in the end I had a great time.

I was so hoping that I wouldn’t get run over by a stampede of dogs, but I was in the right place at the wrong time. So I went home with mud all over the side of my Jeans but I had a great time with my dad and I can NOT wait until I see him again.

Space Quiz Questions.

Hello again, this is another Quiz Question that I have made for you and my group to figure out!!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Space Questions

This is a Question which my reading group the Kiwis have to answer. But you can answer this aswell. Which 2 planets have no moons at all?

See if you can figure it out!!!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Awesome Riverside Camp!!!

The Awesome Riverside Camp!!!

(one week ago) YAY the holidays have finally arrived and I am so excited as the after school programme, called Riverside is having a camp at Willow Park. It is a Christian Camp ,near eastern beach Manukau. I thought that it was awesome that my school was doing this for Children who generally have a very boring holiday most time.

So Mr Burt sent all the Riversiders out of school with a Newsletter about this Camp. But there were only enough spots for 80 people. Though I thought that is was a bit unfair because some children couldn’t pay the whole fee!!! Luckily there were some very kind people who were more then happy to help us, by taking the price from $180 to only $60!! Because they payed the rest of it which I think is wonderful!!!

I was so grateful that I was able to go, because usually I wouldn’t have been able to, but my Nana payed for me to go which I thought was awesome. (Just like the camp was.)

As soon as I got to the camp I was so hoping that I would be in my friends Ashleigh’s team, and at first we weren’t but then she swapped just to be with me and Vivienne. ( It was naughty but oh well!!!!) We had Maree and Ocean as our leaders, but we had hoped that we would've had Helen and Paulitia instead. Though we did cope!!!!!!

We did so many activities there at Willow Park but my favourite one was the Chocolate fish hunt! It was so much fun beccause one of the places we looked, (Ashleigh,Vivienne,Jordeane and I) Heaps of people said that there were no more but there were 4 places that they didn't look through. They were behind two of the tables, in the fridge and also in one of the cupboards. Itr was awesome because we go to eat the chocolate afterwards!!!

Well I am so glad that I was able to go. But if I told about everything about this camp it would be one of the longest stories ever!!! Though I hope that everyone who helped us at the camp and who helped us get to the camp will know how much I apprieciate it, and I think I speak for everyone!!!!


Thursday, October 6, 2011

Rugby World Cup 2011!!!

As you may very well now the Rugby World cup is on and because of that, I have been researching about two countries. Those countries are Wales and Italy. I have been finding out Information all about certain things that people wouldn't usually know but anyway, I hope you enjoy!!!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

New Duffy books!!!!!!!!!!

This is my Duffy book that I got from the Bucklands Beach Lions Club. They help to pay for young children to have books of their own to treasure and read.

I chose a book with the title The Fall Of The Blade and it is written by a author named Sue Reid. (There are a series of these books.) It is set in France and it is about a little girl who is thirteen and she has started to keep a diary to write about EVERYTHING that is happeneing in her country because of the revolution.

It starts from 1793-1794 and is very interesting. I am thinking of wirting a podcast about it next term so keep a look out on KPE and you never know, you might want to read this book aswell.

But enough about that, I would just like to say a huge thank you to the Bucklands Beach Lions Club, you are making a really really big difference to help children all around Auckland, and I hope that other people will enjoy your company and the books you give out as much as I do!!!!! THANK YOU BUCKLANDS BEACH LIONS CLUB!!!!! :) :P

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The rugby world cup.

The first game to kick off the Rugby World Cup was New Zealand vs Tonga, and today it is Canada vs Tonga. But on Friday the 16th it is New Zealand and Japan playing against each other in Hamilton to see who will be able to move on to the next rounds of our very special Rugby world Cup. I think that the score will be 49-29 to the All Blacks

(The Image above is of the New Zealand rugby team) GO THE ALL BLACKS!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Te Rauparaha Whole group Movie!

This is the story of Te Rauparaha, but not just from me it is also from my whole group. Watch this!!!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

The Homeshow

Last week I went to the Auckland homeshow in Green lane. I was on the Chorus stand which is a fast and wireless broadband company. Rita and I were demonstrating how children at Pt England school were using their netbooks.

Why we were on the Chorus stand you may be asking, well because Pt England children are taking their netbooks home we need a sponser to help us get our wireless broadband all around Tamaki to reach our school children.

Well Rita and I were with Mr Jacobsen on the first day we went to the Homeshow and as there were three girls including Mubbashira who is a year 7 and only two chairs, Mr J had to take one child out for a look around and to make it more fun he set up a comp for all three of us girls. The competition was to see who could get the most pamflets in a matter of time. We all got 45 minutes each, but no one knew who got the most of the pamflets.

Well my aunty is bugging me to go and play on the trampoline so I better go, but Before I do I would like to say thank you to Chorus on behalf of Pt Engand School and all of the presenters. THANK YOU ALL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
In September 2011 some of our Pt England students worked at the Chorus stand demonstrating things they need USB for to help them learn.

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The story of Te Rauparaha.

This is the story of Te Rauparaha, the creater of the most well known haka today. It is the Haka Ka mate which is what the All Blacks use before a rugby game. My class was told this story from our Maori Teacher Whea Raewyn. All of the girls got one part from that story and had to re-write it and animate it in our own way, and then the boys had to animate one or some of the all blacks doing the Haka. Te Rauparaha was the chief of his tribe the Ngati Toaragatira. He was the most feared of all and was confronted with great respect, but his neighboring tribes were out to get him as they had been fighting for years and years. Te Rauparaha was running away from his enemies and came to a place called Motuopuhi and asked the local chief Te Whareangi to hide him. After a lot of hesitation Te Whareangi finally agreed and told Te Rauparaha to hide in one of his kumara pits. Te Whareangi asked his wife to lay her cloak down and place her legs on top of the kumara pit. But I am Saying too much so just watch my movie and there you will see the end of Te Rauparaha's Story.

Monday, August 8, 2011

All Black Web Page.

This is my All Black web page, it is just like my Irish web page except this is all about New Zealand and the All Blacks! I have placed pictures into a folder and turned it into a collage. All of these pictures represent the All Blacks from my point of view. I hope you like it.

Friday, August 5, 2011

The Big Question.

How will the Rugby World Cup Benefit New Zealand Economically and/or socially?

I think that the Rugby World Cup will benefit New Zealand............

ECONOMICALLY- As we will be getting quite a lot of money from the Rugby World Cup tickets and merchandise, that can be used for many things. For example, the money given or funded by people can be used towards children's schools, to get things that they need like, Better or bigger building/ Class rooms. Also it can be used to get better learning tools for New Zealand kids to have better educations. Though it is not just the Children that need the help and the money, the people in Christchurch need it as well, and we all know why that is!!! So I hope that the government and the rest of the important people that are thinking of what to do for New Zealand and its future after think about what I have previously said. Thank you.

My Irish Web Page.

As you can see I have made a Collage with Picasa 3. This was part of the new terms activities that all have to do with the rugby world Cup. I hope that you like it!!!

Thursday, July 14, 2011


This is my first ever presentation about my team technology challenge.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

My Flag

This is a flag that I designed. It represents the two sides of my family and my two different cultures. I hope you like it.

Pargraph Rubric

This is a rubric and my class mate Brooklyn marked one of my paragraphs. Here it is. I got a ten out of 12.

Monday, June 27, 2011

My Story web writing

This is my first ever story web. I know it is very small but maybe if you click on it maybe it will get bigger. Thank you and I hope you get that this is about a story.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Extreme Makeover (Courtyard edition)

So you may be wondering why the title of this particular piece of writing has the Words..............
EXTREME MAKEOVER (courtyard edition)
That is because room 17 has the opportunity to recreate our school courtyard,but in order for us to do that we had to get into groups. So Miss Garden and Miss Ouano put us into groups of two and three.

I was in a group of three with Litia and Ashleigh it was a pretty good choice I think. We had a very big responsibility. That was to put our problems from the past behind us because we have all had meltdowns with each other. But any way that was NOT the only responsibility. We also had to find the prices of what we looking for and much more.

The first thing we looked for online was a picnic table. We all started looking for that all three of us but then we thought that we should look for.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

I am making movies 2

When two students find themselves playing one very valuable thing that they were specifically told not to touch they are in big trouble. Could they go back in time or will they be stuck forever? Watch and find out!!!

Monday, May 30, 2011

A Country Like Mine

This about a book called A country like mine.

Oktapodi Movie Reveiw

The movie review I will be talking to you about, is called Oktapodi. It is set in a Greek village. And there are 3 main characters. Two of then are octopuses. A female and a male octopus,they are in love <3.

The Other character is A chef that has octopus on the menu. And he decided that he would get another octopus to chop and dice to make their restaurant the best of them all.

I think that the korero or message I have received from this is that nothing could ever tear true love. And I would definitely recommend this movie to any one even if they are 8 or 80, Because this film has got everything that you need to know what love really is!<3

Friday, May 27, 2011

going to wellington part 3

“Hang on, where is the gate?” Mr Burt said confusingly. 
“Wait maybe we should go this way” Mr Burt said nervously.  So we walked back the way we had come from.

 “Hello Russell we were waiting for you, c’mon have some breakfast” A lady said. Mr Burt said that we were going into the Koru Lounge where all the rich people go. I couldn't see any people but that was because we got to go into a private room. I think the lady's name was Anne. I’m not sure but she was very very kind. She poured a drink for each ambassador and gave us all a plate for a quick breakfast.

Once everyone had eaten the kind lady said that we should get going so that we don’t miss our flight. Mr Burt agreed so then we were off.

Going to Wellington Part 2

Okay so we just got to the airport.  It was quite a long ride to get to the airport.

Because the girls were with Mrs Burt we got to have cameras to look after. I got a still Cam.

Mr Burt and the boys finally arrived in the underground parking to meet up with Mrs Burt Vivienne, Litia, Rita and I. Mr Burt told us that we are a blob and that we have to stick together. So we all agreed that we would all stick together.

It was quite windy outside the airport so we all rushed inside. All the ambassadors and Mr and Mrs Burt.

Once we were all inside the airport Mr Burt tried to swipe his online ticket in the scanner but he couldn't. I giggled and Rita did too. Mr Burt tried again and again.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Redesigning my netbook

For the last few days room seventeen has been designing things my using their technological and creative ideas for this terms topic.

Today our task was to redesign our net book bags. This activity was by far my favourite yet. We had to us the bar key. So on my net book bag I added a Drawer that shall give out a pen and paper just in case I need it to do some homework. I also added a an I pad 2 to the front of my net book bag to make it entertaining. That was the A in bar. Next I replaced the zip with a voice activated zip so that only I can activate it. I replaced the ASUS with my name.

I added the voice activated zip to make sure that I would be the only one whom could have access to my net book. And I turned the ASUS with my name so that everyone would know that it belonged to me. I think that I did make my net book bag better by adding the drawer and the I Pad. I don’t think I made it faster how ever putting the skateboard with the bag to bring it to me might make it faster. You never know.

Monday, May 23, 2011


Yes we’re going swimming we’re going swimming I said in my head over and over again. I was absolutely excited that the yr 5 and 6 students get to go swimming for 2011. I was in Mr Marks group as I was very confident at swimming, even if I didn’t go to that group I would have got sent there anyway.

“Common Girls go and have a quick rinse off then hop in the pool” Mr Marks told us. I quickly rinsed off then hopped inside the pool. “Brrrrrrrrr”! I shrieked aloud. The water was freezing cold,Brooklyn was already under the water so I went down with her, totally forgetting about the temperate of the pool. But once it was my turn to swim,I was so nervous that by that point I was no longer feeling like an Ice cube.

“Common Girls go and have a quick rinse off then hop in the pool” Mr Marks told us. I quickly rinsed off. When Mr Marks told me to do freestyle I was so delighted because freestyle is my favourite swimming style. So then I Ducked under the water,Pushed off the wall and opened my eyes quickly to make sure I was right on track. I lifted my head and gasped for air. As soon as I was under the water again, my arms automatically lifted, and my legs were powered up like an brand new engine. I really only had to brush up on my breathing techniques, as I had to make sure my head was touching the side of my arm and I think I improved quite a bit.

As time passed and people were improving even more It was nearly time to go back to school and I had no Idea what was happening until I saw People racing each other. Then there were more people racing,and more, and more. I wanted to race Serena But then I had to race Ashleigh.

Now it was just Ashleigh, I and the water. I could feel my legs powering up and lungs getting ready to have a bit of a hold up. THEN.......................... GO, We were off. I could feel Ashleigh was right behind me so I had to turn my speediness up notch. Then I hit the wall and quickly looked back and then realised I was the WINNER. But that was only because Ashleigh had a sore ankle. Though winning is winning and I had won fair and square.

But then it was time to go back to school. I am lucky that I have swimming every Friday, that was my secret weapon!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Going to wellington Part 1

(6:30 in the morning) Beep Beep Beep Beep my alarm went off,I was already awake because I woke up at around 4 in the morning and could not go to sleep so I quickly turned it off and leaped out of bed with such excitement.

Quickly putting my uniform pulling out my collar just to make me look even more intelligent I unpinned my MANIAKALANI badge and slipped it to it's spot. I was going to wellington.

Before we could leave school to go to the airport,all eight ambassadors got the privilege to wear a intermediate jumper and we also got to take our net-books to blog about our experience.

Once we were all ready it was time to get in the car and then we were off to the airport.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Vote For The Best Introduction

I have written two Introductions of what I did during the Easter break. Please vote for the best Introduction that matches my movie above.

1.Molly (my friend) and Noah (Molly’s brother) were waiting for me at the shops but I forgot a few things like my sleeping bag,pillow and my towel for Easter camp, so we had to go back home and grab all of those things, and then we had to run all the way back to the car. We waited for a while for Isra (Molly’s dad) to come and swap cars with us then we were off to a holiday programme.

2.“Hey Mollz, will I fit into the holiday programme?” I asked my friend Molly “Yeah of coarse, We’re all crazy remember” I just giggled then Emily (Molly’s Mum) told us to quickly hop out of the car and pop our things inside.

Gemma Finds a Kiwi.

My group has been reading an article called GEMMA FINDS A KIWI. This is what we found out.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Chante Vivienne Digital story


Chante Vivienne Digital story from SchoolTV on Vimeo.This a autobiography on how much I love art. VIvienne does too.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Why Do Babies Need More Sleep Than Grown Ups?

Babies require more sleep than grown ups. The smaller the baby,the more this becomes true.

Black;" id="internal-source-marker_0.014375135369614656" >When babies are young the mostly don’t do any thing but sleep and eat. All the time they are sleeping they are growing quite fast. Children a bit older are growing but because they don’t need as much sleep as babies,they aren’t growing as fast. Though they do need more sleep than adults.

Grown ups need sleep though not as much as babies and young children. They have to sleep so their worn cells can be replaced and so they can get some rest for their bodies. As long as they have enough sleep so they rest they will be ready for work the next day.

The food that adults eat only provide them with energy unlike children. Babies and kids need food that will help develop bone and muscle structure. They also need energy as they do a lot of running about after and between the age of 1 and 2 years.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

What are Hieroglyphics.

Hieroglyphics, what are Hieroglyphics? Simple,though they are hard to pronounce and even more hard to spell,it is made up of two Greek words meaning Sacred Carving. So if you think of a carving you may think of a picture of something very old and meaningful,well that's just what it is. Hieroglyphics are used well were used for making or drawing a familiar object like a tree,animal or weapon. It is also used to represent a word a syllable or a sound.

Where ever these were seen were built thousands and thousands of years ago. Actually they were found in old Temples and Palaces and it is amazing that they still stand now.

In 1799 a large stone was discovered in Egypt. The Rosetta stone was covered in hieroglyphics carved by priest for a decree to commemorate the crowing of a king. Luckily it was copied in two other languages,one in Egypt though a more recent Egyptian language and one in Greek which made it easier for a French professor whom was there when the stone was found was able to read the writing that had baffled other experts.

Up on the top I have two pictures see if you can guess which ones I have drawn. And don't forget I'll appreciate if you would comment on my blog please.

Thursday, March 24, 2011


“Whoohoo” I said aloud as I leaped out of bed to get ready for the first day of camp. This was the first day of the yr5/6 camp. I quickly did all the essentials and started packing my bag not noticing I was still in my PJ's. So I got changed and DA DE DA DE DA,Said goodbye to mum and ran to school though of course I was care full at crossing the road.

First up Swimarama. My favourite activity at swimarama was going down the hydro-slide because I hadn’t been down it in a long time. The hydro-slide was very dark so I couldn't see properly. Mr Sommerville was giving everyone a boost. It was fun.

I didn’t want to leave the pools but we had to go to our temporary home at school. Now our homes weren’t exactly the best to lean against but it was okay. Such flimsy walls and very airy but I could live in it for at least three days.

That night I had a great sleep,so great that I actually got up when I was asked to,I really don’t usually do that though so it was a big thing for me. But if I had known that I would have to do jump jam I would of stayed sleeping although I couldn’t of done that for long.

That day I had to stay home with my group TRUE CREW. I was a leader that looked after the girls and Crusader was the other leader that looked after the smelly boys. I would've looked after the boys but they would not listen to me and anyways there super smelly.

First up on the agenda for Thursday is Cooking. The girls were really lucky because we got to cook inside with all the electricity but the boys had to cook over the fire. We got to make mini trifle. The first ingredient we used was sponge cake with jam on top. First we had to spread the jam onto the sponge then we had to cut them into little cubes. Once we had finished that we had to put it into a plastic cup. While we were adding the peaches Miss Michell and Dante were making the custard. Because we were making custard for a lot of children about 300 or so it took a while before the custard was ready,So during that time True Crew practiced their dance for the concert on that exact night. It was very exciting.

After being in the kitchen we went to have some morning tea. We had the coco pop muffin things that the other group had made earlier. They were Delicious because they had put heaps of cocoa into it. “Yummy” I said to Taeshell one of the girls in my group she just laughed because I made funny eyes at her.

One of my favourite activities was Kayaking because I had never ever done it before and it was such a great experience just like when I do the UNSW exams. But back to Kayaking,it’s way more easier to kayak by yourself that's just a heads up for the people who haven’t been kayaking before and want to have a go. If you are to go in a kayak with someone be sure it’s an experienced person or at least someone who knows what there doing.

I can’t wait until camp at the end of the year because I get to share all my Ideas with all you lovely readers of my blog. But until then your just going to her about my other writing that compared to this piece of writing is boring. Sorry Miss Garden for calling my writing boring.

Thursday, March 10, 2011


“ Noooo We are going to cricket! ” I said to my friend but she was way more keen then me. Room 17 was going to Cricket and will be taught by Hammett, Robyn and Chris from the Auckland Cricket .

We were going to learn a new shot that was called the pull shot. I haven’t managed to master it yet, but it’ll come to me. In the pull shot you have to stand and face the back of the field. Second of all step in front with 1 leg and back with the other then SWING YOUR HARDEST. It was really fun even though I didn’t get it in between the cones.

If we have time after ward Hammond lets us play a game of cricket with all the drills and things that we have learnt so far. When we play the only thing I like to do is to bat because if I want to catch the ball I can’t see it because of the sun.

Friday, March 4, 2011


Whats your favourite ice cream? Mine is triple chocolate fudge.

Whats your favourite color? Mine is purple and blue.

Who is your favourite actor? Mine is my daddy he is the best.

Whats your favourite subject at school or work? Mine is Art.

If you have any more questions that I could put up tell me. You can also tell me your answers to these questions too.

Glee Club.

Yesterday the people from Glee (that includes me) had our first rehearsal for the year. Our teacher Miss Olivia Muliaumasealii asked me to help her with our lyrical dance as I have had some experience in the dancing industry. I have been dancing for 5 years and I did Ballet,Hip-Hop,Contemporary,Tap and Jazz.

At morning tea Miss M (Muliaumasealii) taught me the moves hat she wanted me to teach after school because I had ambassador practice at lunch because we had our first visitors the day after which is today, Friday.

When I was teaching, because there was heaps of people around I had to shout. I felt stink because I had to shout at my friends and now some of them won't even talk to me.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Christchurch Letter

Dear Christchurch,
On behalf of Pt England School, we hope that you all find your way through this time of trouble. Your feelings of sadness and worry has made us think, what if we were you, how would we know that people knew where we were and if we were okay?

We all feel helpless, and this is just a bit of our love and care to give to you. We hope that this will lift your hearts even the tiniest bit we also hope it will give you comfort,support and motivation to keep on going.We also hope that you find all your loved ones.Our group would love to encourage you with our love and feelings.

Yours sincerely Yr 5 and 6 extension group Chante,Shoal,Brooklyn and Kaycee from Pt England School Auckland,New Zealand.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

ChristChurch Quake

On Tuesday the 22nd of February Christchurch had a devastating 6.3 magnitude earthquake that shook the city. Prime minister John Key declared it "New Zealands darkest day". The centre of the city tells you why.

Rescuers are trying their best to pull peoples bodies out of demolished buildings. Some of the bodies have been certified dead, and some are still alive and functioning properly,but they are very worried for the rest of their families. People that have not been rescued yet have been stuck under rubble and fallen debris for over a night and may be feeling fragile and weak.

From the footage that was shot and shown to us on the news, was terrible and it made me think how terrifying it would have been for children, to see their parents go to work when they are at school, and then not know if they would come home.I'm glad that I wasn't in the earthquake but then I feel really sad for the ones that were.

That earthquake is over so many headlines that I can't stop thinking Auckland might be next,and then what will happen. I could lose my family or my family could lose me. Its heart breaking really.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

My Friends Birthday

Yesterday on the 19th of Februay my best friend in the whole in tire world had her birthday. Her birthday was actually on valentines day but it was a school night so instead she had it in the weekend. Oh and her name is Xhana pronounced (za-nah). For her 10th birthday which was on the 14th (valentines day) she had a theme "POP STARS" and she dressed up as Lady Gaga,I dressed up as Selena Gomez. My Aunty Simone dressed up as Katy Perry with a heart on her wig and she also had cotton wool on her boozem part on her singlet, it was funny. Xhana had a red carpet and everything. She had a markie/gizzibo and all of the kids there were dressed up as a pop star like Michel Jackson,Britney spears,Lady Gaga and Clark Kent although he's not a pop star he was still allowed in. He also had superman under his costume.

When everyone had left and it was just my friend lee ane,xhana and my self we stayed up until 6 or 7 in the morning. But we weren't tired the next day.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Our New Netbooks

Our New Netbooks
When we have our netbooks, we can take them anywhere, and use them at any time, to do our learning with.
By using our netbooks, we are getting ready for the future as in college and university, you really should know how to use a computer, otherwise you may be left behind.

Room 17 were sitting on the mat, listing to the clear instructions givin to us by Mrs Burt on how to unbox our new netbooks. We also had a serial number.Then the best part,with anticipation we waited for Mrs Burt to count down to 1 from 5 and tell us to PUSH THE ON BUTTON.

As I get ready for school in the morning I feel so energized because I get to work on my netbook. When our screens go blank and it gets overwhelming, we also have other feelings going through like,we have to get our projects finished and if we don’t we might get in trouble and all that kind of stuff. It is also intriguing how our net books can hold even more data than it has already.