Tuesday, March 29, 2011

What are Hieroglyphics.

Hieroglyphics, what are Hieroglyphics? Simple,though they are hard to pronounce and even more hard to spell,it is made up of two Greek words meaning Sacred Carving. So if you think of a carving you may think of a picture of something very old and meaningful,well that's just what it is. Hieroglyphics are used well were used for making or drawing a familiar object like a tree,animal or weapon. It is also used to represent a word a syllable or a sound.

Where ever these were seen were built thousands and thousands of years ago. Actually they were found in old Temples and Palaces and it is amazing that they still stand now.

In 1799 a large stone was discovered in Egypt. The Rosetta stone was covered in hieroglyphics carved by priest for a decree to commemorate the crowing of a king. Luckily it was copied in two other languages,one in Egypt though a more recent Egyptian language and one in Greek which made it easier for a French professor whom was there when the stone was found was able to read the writing that had baffled other experts.

Up on the top I have two pictures see if you can guess which ones I have drawn. And don't forget I'll appreciate if you would comment on my blog please.

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