Thursday, December 13, 2012

My Friend Jay'lee

My friend Jay’lee is a very unique person. She has many talents that include, singing, she can harmonise really well!! She is a really good dancer, and she is amazing at sports, rugby is her favourite, well from what I see, and she plays for the Auckland Netball Rep. Team. Jay’lee has got many different qualities about her, and that is one reason why I am friends with her, apart from her very friendly and outgoing personality.

Thanks Jay’lee for being a great friend, you are like a sister to me :)

Thursday, December 6, 2012

2012 Reflection

This year 2012, was one of the best yet hard years for me at Pt England School. It was the year where responsibility had fallen upon me. I hadn’t really thought much about it , and discovering everything an intermediate student goes through made it difficult for me to (A) Understand everything that is going on around me. (B) Take responsibility for my actions, and (C) Keep my head in the right spaces. I admit that some of my thoughts and actions weren’t the best that  they could have been, but I have really worked hard to make up for my mistakes. There were many many things that helped me through my hardships in this year of full responsibility, for myself, and my actions, such as sports outings, even though I am not good at it. My school softball team came first in the eastern zone tournament, so that was a good accomplishment. My favourite thing of all that happened this year, was greeting visitors. I absolutely love being able to communicate with people through my school, it makes me so happy, and to think that it helps my school, fellow students, and teachers, makes me feel even happier, and gives myself a sense of achievement and nothing could ever beat that feeling. Though sometimes I thought that everything was getting a bit too much for me, and I lash out, but having so much support and friends around me, it makes everything that little bit easier to cope with everything, and I never want to leave Pt England School..... !!! :)