Monday, November 22, 2010

The Intermediate Block

Year 7 Block

On Friday there was a lot of noise as one of the builders started to prise the weather boards off the old dental clinic in preparation for the new intermediate block. Pt England has just been built a new dental clinic so that the forms 1 and 2 have got their own block just like the Juniors and seniors. It will take a while for the intermediate block to get on track as we do not have enough teachers. For now they are in two classes with two separate teachers that are very reliable they are Miss Nua and Miss Tito. I think that those two teachers are the best yr7 teachers for pt England because they are good teachers and are very trusted to come to school every day.

Any way there are a lot of year 7 students that have been crammed up into little classrooms but they only have to wait for a little while longer, as the builders have just about finished the out side and are slowly moving towards the insides.

Friday, November 19, 2010



As I squeezed into the damp clammy life jacket, I shivered and shuddered because it was cold. Brooklyn, my buddy, was helping me adjust it so it fitted nice and snug.
Before we were allowed to hop into the pool Chris made sure that our life jackets were the right size.

Chris is from water safety NZ,and he is going to be here for the rest of the term to teach us how to be safe in the water. His company that he works for have installed a new portable pool on the
hard courts for us to use until Chris goes to another school.

On Friday after school the hard courts were empty but on Monday that was a different story.
When I came to school a pool had magically appeared. I went to go see how big it was but there was a big bunch of kids doing something so I went to go see what all the commotion was about. It was just people admiring the school pool. It was big, bigger than I expected.

The pool was cold but the life jacket was keeping me a tad warm. As I was walking down the steps I had to turn around 180 degrees and push off the stairs in the help position. As I was floating in the pool heaps of people were pushing me but I think the best way to stay in one place is just to relax and pretend that you are by yourself with nothing to worry about.

In that first session we were just talking about the things that we need to do if we are stuck out at sea.

I love having Chris around he is really helping to encourage us to be able to swim properly. I used to be really scared of the sea but now I am not that scared anymore because I know that I can swim. I wish that we could keep Chris for ever.