Monday, March 26, 2012

Show Not Tell

This is another one of my Show Not Tell writing pieces. I hope you enjoy!

Running up the stairs to the highest floor, I was ready to zoom down that twisting and turning tunnel. I sat waiting for that light to shine green, I was ready to slide into that swirling water. GO the light flashed, and I was off sliding rapidly through the cold cold water. In the dark tunnel you could hear nothing but the echo sound of yourself yelling WOOOOHHHOOOO! Finally sending a huge splash in the catching pool, I was ready to go up again!

Friday, March 23, 2012

The Amazing Race.

“Run Mubba Run!!!”I yelled. My partner Mubbashira (Mubz or Mubba for short) was taking a long time to run with me to find the first clue! We were in the Amazing Race Pt England and I was ready to win!

At the start of the activity, team respect was off to the big marquee to get ready for our fourth activity on our first day. I was so excited! While we were waiting for Mr Barks to come and explain what we had to do, I was wondering what we were to do with the equipment placed in front of us. There was a long bit of string, some newspaper, a stick that looked like a Y, and also some tyre rubber. Do you know what we were going to try make?Mr barks came in with a slingshot, and told us about how we were going to make them. At that moment, I was a bit nervous about the challenge.

Suddenly we were quickly cutting and there was some people from my group, Mubba, Vivienne, Mary L, and Jay’lee, putting together our missiles that we were going to use to hit the buckets of points.

When we had finished making the slingshots, we were off to shoot our newspaper balls out of it. Vivienne was the first one to get our groups some points. She got 100 points for our group..... “ GO VIVIENNE” everyone was shouting!!! She was the best aimer out of all of us!

We got a lot of points and I thought that that was the end of our activity...... I was wrong! We had two more challenges. Our second Challenge, was a quest to find, the signs that were on the map, given to us by Mr Barks and Mrs Lagitupu. It was fun but I was running most of the time because Mubba was taking for long to run with me. I told her to catch up with me later and just when I told her that she started walking “MUBBA” I was so tired!

The third and last challenge we had was making a hobo stove, with the equipment we gathered. It was just a little bit hard but we got there in the end. Even though my team was a bit angry with me because I accidently knocked our egg off the stove, I thought that we did pretty well.

I loved the amazing race and I can’t wait until next years camp.

Monday, March 12, 2012

The exciting and first day of camp!!!!!

The exciting and first day of camp!!!!!

YAY CAMP. Today was the first day of camp, and it was so so so exciting!!! I was really looking forward to it and knew this would be a very amazing adventure.

At camp we always do fun activities and I always enjoy them. Team Respect (my team) followed our leaders Cruz and Mino, to our first activity for the day. It was pretty weird for us, though it was fun in a kind of way. This was box fit. As you can see the name ‘box fit’ has something to do with boxing of course. Skills to help us keep fit and as usual it was DEFINITELY tiring!!! I don’t know if I really want to do this activity again. (Shows how fit I am)

A bit later we met up with Ms Squires and would be setting up our tents ALONE. Luckily I had a bit of practice in class... well actually everyone had a bit of practice, so we were all speeding through it. I was in a group with Jay’lee, Mubba, Vivienne, Mary L and Mino. We put up about 3-4 tents.

Well I can NOT wait until tomorrow!!! Bring it on.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Dr Ben Carson

On Tuesday the 6th of march, some Pt England students, had the opportunity to see Dr Ben Carson and hear his life story. It was very interesting. This is a report like piece of writing my buddies and I have written.

Dr Ben Carson was born in Detroit Michigan, America. He was raised by his mother who only had a third grade education and was married at the age of thirteen. Sadly when Benjamin was only 8 years old, his parents divorced and Ben’s mother Sonya, was left to raise the boys alone. She had 2-3 jobs at a time, to help provide things for them.

Dummy Dummy Dummy, that is what Ben’s 5th grade classmates would always call him, and because of this, he had a violent and uncontrollable temper. When their mother found out that her sons grades were plummeting, she was determined to help change her children’s lives by giving them a limited t.v watching time and make them read two books from the library, and write a review on it. But, because of Sonya’s poor education she could hardly read a thing, though she would try to give them a tick and make it look like she had read and marked their writing.

A few weeks later, Ben shocked his whole class by identifying a black shiny rock, it was called an obsidian. He remembered reading about it in a book. At that moment, he realised he wasn’t stupid. He was hungry for more knowledge. For this he needed to control his temper. A year later Ben was at the top of his class,  and it was all thanks to his mother, who pushed him to his limits. Now Ben Carson is a neurosurgeon and is trying to help other children, who have the disadvantage of living in a poor community, like he did when he was young.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Extension Who am I?

In extension on Wednesday, we were able to play a game called "Who am I?" or "What am I?" We all had to go up to the front and Mrs Tele'a put a sticker on our forehead. We had to guess what the word was on our stickers. It was super cool. As you can see I was a Principal, and I have just researched about what people  need to do to become a principal.

Firstly to become a principal you have to pass a Bachelor's Degree.  This is usually an academic degree awarded for an undergraduate course or major that can last for four years, but can range anywhere from three to six years. Then of course you have had to obtain a teaching license and gain experience as a teacher.  You next have to attend graduate school and earn a master's or doctoral degrees, and obtain a School Administrator License. This is all part of becoming a teacher.

School picnic.

‘Beep beep beep’, my alarm clock went off. Today was just an ordinary Friday, with softball training at 8 am. There is nothing special about today I thought, so I kept getting on with my morning. Then it hit me. I had totally forgotten, until I was about half way down the road, that the picnic was on today!

Looking up at the sky, I said aloud “It won’t be sunny today will it?” I didn’t know that the forecast would change after training was over, and I was in class.

“Okay c’mon room 20, time to line up! We have to get ready for the picnic” Ms Squires said to us.  I had just sat down and my feet were aching. At least I knew that the picnic definitely was on, and that FINALLY I would be able to sit down in the hall, while Mr Burt told us the drill and said a Karakia. Before long we would be off in a flash.

I think that we are such a lucky school, not only because we have the awesome support of parents and teachers, but also that it only takes about 5 minutes to walk to the Pt England Reserve! How cool is that? Of course when we got there we would ALL talk, even the teachers!!! Mr Burt had told us where we could and could not play. In a matter of time, we were all off to our class areas. It was cool seeing red t-shirts speeding to get to a good spot to play in.

I was amazed when I stood up, because our beach had just finished getting renovated, so more people would come to it. I thought that it looked great! There was a big balcony like thing, with stairs going down from each side, AND there was even a big big rock that was placed in the middle of the shore. It was fake, but it looked really realistic. I thought that it was real! But to my surprise it was man made!!! It was built from concrete, with chicken netting forming the frame underneath, to hold it up. “Why was it placed there?” I asked myself. I found out that it was there, because people had put new sand on the beach and didn’t want it to be dragged out to sea. They put this big massive rock there to stop the tide from stealing our new sand!!! It is a pretty cool idea if you ask me!

I didn’t really want to play any sports so I decided to sit by my bags and watch the little kids swimming about. I was sitting with one of my friends Rita. We kept laughing and then we heard this AWFUL NOISE!!!!! It was someone playing the guitar. That someone was Gabriel. He was funny because he was acting like a little short rock star. He gave me that guitar and I started playing a song that my dad had taught me. I think I was playing it right, and I must have been, because Rita was making up lyrics to the tune. It was awesome.

Well a few hours passed and I was really relaxed just talking, and chasing people(I know right, how can I be relaxed by that? I am weird that’s why) and playing the guitar. I have always enjoyed the picnic and this year was the best EVER. I was just sad that I would only have one more picnic left (that is next year)  until the annual Pt England picnics at the reserve, will just be the best memories of my life!!!! Anyway all and all, this picnic was the best and I can’t wait until next year.