Thursday, August 1, 2013

Home at Last!!

Well I am home in Reporoa again.. :) Boy, am I happy to be here! It still smells like flemented fruit or something along those lines, and it doesn't help that cows live just across the stoney path toward the river, but with all that gross.... smelly... cow like soroundings .... It feels good to be home.

I am making some friends here, and I am invied to a birthday sleepover. When I got the invitation I was shocked... Yet I felt really good about getting this :) I have had so much fun along the way with these girls, and they have helped me to get used to all of this crazieness here!! I love it though.

My dad isn't the easiest person to get around...There is no beating around the bush with him. Once I got home I went for a LONG run.... It was honestly nearly 5 MILES!! 7.9 KM WOW I have never EVER ran that far in my life at once!

I am quite tired tonight, but I hope that you all sleep well... Goodnight

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