Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Why Do Babies Need More Sleep Than Grown Ups?

Babies require more sleep than grown ups. The smaller the baby,the more this becomes true.

Black;" id="internal-source-marker_0.014375135369614656" >When babies are young the mostly don’t do any thing but sleep and eat. All the time they are sleeping they are growing quite fast. Children a bit older are growing but because they don’t need as much sleep as babies,they aren’t growing as fast. Though they do need more sleep than adults.

Grown ups need sleep though not as much as babies and young children. They have to sleep so their worn cells can be replaced and so they can get some rest for their bodies. As long as they have enough sleep so they rest they will be ready for work the next day.

The food that adults eat only provide them with energy unlike children. Babies and kids need food that will help develop bone and muscle structure. They also need energy as they do a lot of running about after and between the age of 1 and 2 years.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

What are Hieroglyphics.

Hieroglyphics, what are Hieroglyphics? Simple,though they are hard to pronounce and even more hard to spell,it is made up of two Greek words meaning Sacred Carving. So if you think of a carving you may think of a picture of something very old and meaningful,well that's just what it is. Hieroglyphics are used well were used for making or drawing a familiar object like a tree,animal or weapon. It is also used to represent a word a syllable or a sound.

Where ever these were seen were built thousands and thousands of years ago. Actually they were found in old Temples and Palaces and it is amazing that they still stand now.

In 1799 a large stone was discovered in Egypt. The Rosetta stone was covered in hieroglyphics carved by priest for a decree to commemorate the crowing of a king. Luckily it was copied in two other languages,one in Egypt though a more recent Egyptian language and one in Greek which made it easier for a French professor whom was there when the stone was found was able to read the writing that had baffled other experts.

Up on the top I have two pictures see if you can guess which ones I have drawn. And don't forget I'll appreciate if you would comment on my blog please.

Thursday, March 24, 2011


“Whoohoo” I said aloud as I leaped out of bed to get ready for the first day of camp. This was the first day of the yr5/6 camp. I quickly did all the essentials and started packing my bag not noticing I was still in my PJ's. So I got changed and DA DE DA DE DA,Said goodbye to mum and ran to school though of course I was care full at crossing the road.

First up Swimarama. My favourite activity at swimarama was going down the hydro-slide because I hadn’t been down it in a long time. The hydro-slide was very dark so I couldn't see properly. Mr Sommerville was giving everyone a boost. It was fun.

I didn’t want to leave the pools but we had to go to our temporary home at school. Now our homes weren’t exactly the best to lean against but it was okay. Such flimsy walls and very airy but I could live in it for at least three days.

That night I had a great sleep,so great that I actually got up when I was asked to,I really don’t usually do that though so it was a big thing for me. But if I had known that I would have to do jump jam I would of stayed sleeping although I couldn’t of done that for long.

That day I had to stay home with my group TRUE CREW. I was a leader that looked after the girls and Crusader was the other leader that looked after the smelly boys. I would've looked after the boys but they would not listen to me and anyways there super smelly.

First up on the agenda for Thursday is Cooking. The girls were really lucky because we got to cook inside with all the electricity but the boys had to cook over the fire. We got to make mini trifle. The first ingredient we used was sponge cake with jam on top. First we had to spread the jam onto the sponge then we had to cut them into little cubes. Once we had finished that we had to put it into a plastic cup. While we were adding the peaches Miss Michell and Dante were making the custard. Because we were making custard for a lot of children about 300 or so it took a while before the custard was ready,So during that time True Crew practiced their dance for the concert on that exact night. It was very exciting.

After being in the kitchen we went to have some morning tea. We had the coco pop muffin things that the other group had made earlier. They were Delicious because they had put heaps of cocoa into it. “Yummy” I said to Taeshell one of the girls in my group she just laughed because I made funny eyes at her.

One of my favourite activities was Kayaking because I had never ever done it before and it was such a great experience just like when I do the UNSW exams. But back to Kayaking,it’s way more easier to kayak by yourself that's just a heads up for the people who haven’t been kayaking before and want to have a go. If you are to go in a kayak with someone be sure it’s an experienced person or at least someone who knows what there doing.

I can’t wait until camp at the end of the year because I get to share all my Ideas with all you lovely readers of my blog. But until then your just going to her about my other writing that compared to this piece of writing is boring. Sorry Miss Garden for calling my writing boring.

Thursday, March 10, 2011


“ Noooo We are going to cricket! ” I said to my friend but she was way more keen then me. Room 17 was going to Cricket and will be taught by Hammett, Robyn and Chris from the Auckland Cricket .

We were going to learn a new shot that was called the pull shot. I haven’t managed to master it yet, but it’ll come to me. In the pull shot you have to stand and face the back of the field. Second of all step in front with 1 leg and back with the other then SWING YOUR HARDEST. It was really fun even though I didn’t get it in between the cones.

If we have time after ward Hammond lets us play a game of cricket with all the drills and things that we have learnt so far. When we play the only thing I like to do is to bat because if I want to catch the ball I can’t see it because of the sun.

Friday, March 4, 2011


Whats your favourite ice cream? Mine is triple chocolate fudge.

Whats your favourite color? Mine is purple and blue.

Who is your favourite actor? Mine is my daddy he is the best.

Whats your favourite subject at school or work? Mine is Art.

If you have any more questions that I could put up tell me. You can also tell me your answers to these questions too.

Glee Club.

Yesterday the people from Glee (that includes me) had our first rehearsal for the year. Our teacher Miss Olivia Muliaumasealii asked me to help her with our lyrical dance as I have had some experience in the dancing industry. I have been dancing for 5 years and I did Ballet,Hip-Hop,Contemporary,Tap and Jazz.

At morning tea Miss M (Muliaumasealii) taught me the moves hat she wanted me to teach after school because I had ambassador practice at lunch because we had our first visitors the day after which is today, Friday.

When I was teaching, because there was heaps of people around I had to shout. I felt stink because I had to shout at my friends and now some of them won't even talk to me.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Christchurch Letter

Dear Christchurch,
On behalf of Pt England School, we hope that you all find your way through this time of trouble. Your feelings of sadness and worry has made us think, what if we were you, how would we know that people knew where we were and if we were okay?

We all feel helpless, and this is just a bit of our love and care to give to you. We hope that this will lift your hearts even the tiniest bit we also hope it will give you comfort,support and motivation to keep on going.We also hope that you find all your loved ones.Our group would love to encourage you with our love and feelings.

Yours sincerely Yr 5 and 6 extension group Chante,Shoal,Brooklyn and Kaycee from Pt England School Auckland,New Zealand.