Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Camp on Kawau!!!

In 1 more week, we will be going onto a ferry making our way to the wonderful Island of Kawau. I think that this will be a great experiance, for all of the year 6 children to learn about being green, and also respecting the earth, the adults, and each other. I can’t wait!

Camp Benzon is on an island just 8 kilo metres from the mainland. You have to catch a ferry to get there though.

I am so excited to go to Kawau Island. Even just looking at the photographs of the venue makes me want to go there as soon as possilble, especially because there are so many cool things to do there like; Kayaking, Burma trails, absailing the confidence and even more!!!

I really look forward to jumping off the wharf, as it will be a great thing to do and it brings back very cool memories from being with my family. Also I can do it with my family at school. This will be the highlight of the camp for me.

But I think that not getting to sleep fast with my friends will be a challenge, because your with your friends of coarse or people that you get along with well. I just hope we don’t get in trouble, becasue that will be a shame!

I am so looking forward to this special camp, and I hope that I can learn a lot from this experiance. Starting to pack is easy, it is just the what we are supposed to bring that is getting annoying! But I still can’t wait. C’mon year 6 camp, I am ready for you.

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