Thursday, February 24, 2011

ChristChurch Quake

On Tuesday the 22nd of February Christchurch had a devastating 6.3 magnitude earthquake that shook the city. Prime minister John Key declared it "New Zealands darkest day". The centre of the city tells you why.

Rescuers are trying their best to pull peoples bodies out of demolished buildings. Some of the bodies have been certified dead, and some are still alive and functioning properly,but they are very worried for the rest of their families. People that have not been rescued yet have been stuck under rubble and fallen debris for over a night and may be feeling fragile and weak.

From the footage that was shot and shown to us on the news, was terrible and it made me think how terrifying it would have been for children, to see their parents go to work when they are at school, and then not know if they would come home.I'm glad that I wasn't in the earthquake but then I feel really sad for the ones that were.

That earthquake is over so many headlines that I can't stop thinking Auckland might be next,and then what will happen. I could lose my family or my family could lose me. Its heart breaking really.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

My Friends Birthday

Yesterday on the 19th of Februay my best friend in the whole in tire world had her birthday. Her birthday was actually on valentines day but it was a school night so instead she had it in the weekend. Oh and her name is Xhana pronounced (za-nah). For her 10th birthday which was on the 14th (valentines day) she had a theme "POP STARS" and she dressed up as Lady Gaga,I dressed up as Selena Gomez. My Aunty Simone dressed up as Katy Perry with a heart on her wig and she also had cotton wool on her boozem part on her singlet, it was funny. Xhana had a red carpet and everything. She had a markie/gizzibo and all of the kids there were dressed up as a pop star like Michel Jackson,Britney spears,Lady Gaga and Clark Kent although he's not a pop star he was still allowed in. He also had superman under his costume.

When everyone had left and it was just my friend lee ane,xhana and my self we stayed up until 6 or 7 in the morning. But we weren't tired the next day.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Our New Netbooks

Our New Netbooks
When we have our netbooks, we can take them anywhere, and use them at any time, to do our learning with.
By using our netbooks, we are getting ready for the future as in college and university, you really should know how to use a computer, otherwise you may be left behind.

Room 17 were sitting on the mat, listing to the clear instructions givin to us by Mrs Burt on how to unbox our new netbooks. We also had a serial number.Then the best part,with anticipation we waited for Mrs Burt to count down to 1 from 5 and tell us to PUSH THE ON BUTTON.

As I get ready for school in the morning I feel so energized because I get to work on my netbook. When our screens go blank and it gets overwhelming, we also have other feelings going through like,we have to get our projects finished and if we don’t we might get in trouble and all that kind of stuff. It is also intriguing how our net books can hold even more data than it has already.