Friday, September 10, 2010



When my dad said that we were going to Australia for a week I felt ecstatic  because I hadn't seen my family in Australia for over about a year and a half or so and since my Nana died a lot of the family has moved away mostly Australia. Other wise we have not been in touch for a long time!It is a bit hard because we live all over the place some people live in Auckland some people live in Rotorua and Australia so we live in a lot of places.

Before we went to the airport I had stayed with my dad for the night and had to go to  my daddy’s school where he teaches. It is called “Green Bay High School” and I had to stay with my dad in his class room. It felt like a really long time but it was because I wanted something to eat so dad took me to the tuck shop and we got a lolly snake each and I got a pie and a cookie dad got a sausage roll and a cookie.After we ate dad had one more class then we could go.

We got picked up by my brothers mum. She picked us up because she was coming with us because it would have been Tipene’s [my brother]first time on an airplane. When we were on the plane I watched shrek forever after. I was unfortunate because I spilled my drink on my pants it was not cool.

Finally we got to Australia and luckily my pants dried. When we had all our things my aunty was waiting for us and when we up to her she gave us a big hug. Then we went to the car and drove to her house. When we got there I got a big surprise from my cousin because he is like tall and when I say tall I mean tall.

We stayed there for a week. We did a lot of fun stuff like swimming in the pool and we went on this cool indoor play ground like three times the size of chipmunks it is like big and I mean really big.

Sydney is a really cool place to be and you really should go there are so many things to explore and it is just awesome.

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  1. Hi Chante I hope you had a great time in ozzie. If I was going to australia I would freak out because I dont want to be away from nz because its a nice place to live in. Any way hoped you had a great time their.
    From Dante


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