Thursday, November 3, 2011

Ice-Cream Comets!!!

When I walked into class on Monday morning, I saw that there were Ice Cream cones on top of the tray area and thought, What might we be doing today? Little did I know, I was going to make Comets with my class, and room 16. I just could not wait.

After Lunch, we started to get ready for the scientific delicacy! Miss Garden was talking about how we were going to do this. “ You will have 1 scoop of Ice-cream. Then it will be in your hands, and you are going to run outside to Mr Somerville and get some dust, to roll your scoop of Ice cream in.” We had a choice between Vanilla Ice cream and Chocolate Ice cream. (I chose Chocolate like a lot of other people) Once she thought we were settled we got stuck in!

I didn’t think that the Ice Cream was going to be that cold………. but I was so wrong. IT WAS FREEZING. I could only just handle it, luckily I could run to get it over and done with. Though, to be honest, when I got to Mr S, I think I was rolling the dust which were crushed biscuits, and hundreds and thousands used to represent the rocks on a comet, over my Ice cream so fast, that most of it fell to the ground. “Whoops” I said.

Once I had put the tail on my comet,(Which was the Ice Cream cone) I was eating my very, very delicious Ice cream comet with all of my friends. We were kind of getting distracted because of the boys that were being very silly! But it was still very Yummy and no one could distract us from that.

I had a lot of fun making the Ice Cream comets, even though they made a huge mess. But maybe one day we could do something like this again, except even bigger and better. Just kidding.

A big thank you to my teachers, you have me want to learn more about this term’s topic!

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  1. Hey Chante,

    What an amazing post, I really enjoyed reading it. Your making my mouth all watery. I can see you guys had a lot of fun making all these scrumptious ice-cream comets. I hope my class would make this someday this term. It would be amazing, and then we could be able to experience the freezing ice-cream on our own bare hands.

    Mubasshira :)


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