Monday, May 3, 2010

Immersion assembly

Immersion Assembly
BEEP BEEP went Mr Jacobson's megaphone, all the kids looked at him in confusion. Then he said "OK,OK everybody I know there has just been an eruption but it will be over soon".He was all dressed up in rescuers clothing.I definitely knew this was going to be an great topic.

Teams 4 item was a quiz about "Who is smarter then a ten year old"
"Who is smarter than a ten year old" bellowed a voice"I am MAGGIE MAGMA and these are your contestants,The first contestant is Miss Cinders" she said "Then in the middle" she paused "you have Miss Bionic,Tech tonic,Electronic,supersonic" she said "and lucky last, the lovely Miss Lahar" Miss Lahar was standing up and twirling like a ballerina.I started giggling,Brooklyn did too.

Lastly Miss Nua or should I say Lady Lava and Miss T,I mean Miss Kulalava were very beautiful volcanoes,and talked all about there family volcanoes.Lady Lava said she was going to sing us a song,but it wasn't ready. Miss Kulalava said her aunty was a very active volcano.
I hope we study something like this again.

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