Tuesday, May 11, 2010

"Famous" - a podcast for KPE

Chante and Vivienne
This is my first podcast for KPE.

There are a few books at Pt England School that are extremely popular and they turn up time and again in our podcasts. "Famous" by Elizabeth Pulford is one of these.


  1. Well done Chante and Vivienne,
    I really enjoyed listening to the story. I liked the way Vivienne told us a lot about what happened in the story. And Chante, you did a great job telling us more about the message of the story and not giving up. Keep up the great work.

    From Miss Lavakula

  2. Thank-you miss Lavakula,
    I know Vivienne did a great job I just thought I could put in a lot more effort in to it.



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