Monday, August 2, 2010


''What are those cones for?''I asked my friend. "For the bikes." She replied. Suddenly it hit me, today was the day to show that I can ride a bike and prove that I'm a strong rider. I couldn't wait! Big foot adventures had come to our school to teach us about being bike safety smart. The people that worked for the company were very cool. Adrian and Tony loved the outdoors! I think their passion for being outdoors rubbed off on me.
Room 15 were listening attentively as Tony told us about the safety precautions. He also explained to us what a bike was like in good working order. Toni said that a carefully adjusted helmet was correct safety equipment, along with brightly coloured clothing and correct footwear.

I carefully manoeuvred around the obstacle course, going over the ramps and round the cones. The course was not as simple as it looked. It was more complex than I first thought because going up the ramp was pretty hard. You had to put all your weight forward to make it easier on the legs.

A funny moment was when Lola fell off the ramp twice. However she had a good attitude because when she fell she got right back up again and laughed at herself. She showed us that she was a champion, someone who never gives up.
Looking back, I learnt some valuable information from Big Foot adventures about bike safety that I can use for my whole life. I've done quite a lot of biking riding since. I really hope we do it again.

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