Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Our New Netbooks

Our New Netbooks
When we have our netbooks, we can take them anywhere, and use them at any time, to do our learning with.
By using our netbooks, we are getting ready for the future as in college and university, you really should know how to use a computer, otherwise you may be left behind.

Room 17 were sitting on the mat, listing to the clear instructions givin to us by Mrs Burt on how to unbox our new netbooks. We also had a serial number.Then the best part,with anticipation we waited for Mrs Burt to count down to 1 from 5 and tell us to PUSH THE ON BUTTON.

As I get ready for school in the morning I feel so energized because I get to work on my netbook. When our screens go blank and it gets overwhelming, we also have other feelings going through like,we have to get our projects finished and if we don’t we might get in trouble and all that kind of stuff. It is also intriguing how our net books can hold even more data than it has already.


  1. Hi Chante did you know that I was exsited when I got my net book I think that every one who had theres were exsited to I think.


  2. Thanks Dante,
    I really can't wait until we get to take them home.


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