Sunday, February 20, 2011

My Friends Birthday

Yesterday on the 19th of Februay my best friend in the whole in tire world had her birthday. Her birthday was actually on valentines day but it was a school night so instead she had it in the weekend. Oh and her name is Xhana pronounced (za-nah). For her 10th birthday which was on the 14th (valentines day) she had a theme "POP STARS" and she dressed up as Lady Gaga,I dressed up as Selena Gomez. My Aunty Simone dressed up as Katy Perry with a heart on her wig and she also had cotton wool on her boozem part on her singlet, it was funny. Xhana had a red carpet and everything. She had a markie/gizzibo and all of the kids there were dressed up as a pop star like Michel Jackson,Britney spears,Lady Gaga and Clark Kent although he's not a pop star he was still allowed in. He also had superman under his costume.

When everyone had left and it was just my friend lee ane,xhana and my self we stayed up until 6 or 7 in the morning. But we weren't tired the next day.

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