Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Christchurch Letter

Dear Christchurch,
On behalf of Pt England School, we hope that you all find your way through this time of trouble. Your feelings of sadness and worry has made us think, what if we were you, how would we know that people knew where we were and if we were okay?

We all feel helpless, and this is just a bit of our love and care to give to you. We hope that this will lift your hearts even the tiniest bit we also hope it will give you comfort,support and motivation to keep on going.We also hope that you find all your loved ones.Our group would love to encourage you with our love and feelings.

Yours sincerely Yr 5 and 6 extension group Chante,Shoal,Brooklyn and Kaycee from Pt England School Auckland,New Zealand.


  1. Hello Chante WOW!!! you are a star. It was really awesome of you to write a letter to Christchurch you really used you inquisitive I also would like to congratulate you for making the Ambassadors team All the best
    From Jaylee

  2. Thanks Jay'Lee,
    Well I have got my first visitors today so wish me luck.
    TRhanks again Chante


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