Thursday, March 10, 2011


“ Noooo We are going to cricket! ” I said to my friend but she was way more keen then me. Room 17 was going to Cricket and will be taught by Hammett, Robyn and Chris from the Auckland Cricket .

We were going to learn a new shot that was called the pull shot. I haven’t managed to master it yet, but it’ll come to me. In the pull shot you have to stand and face the back of the field. Second of all step in front with 1 leg and back with the other then SWING YOUR HARDEST. It was really fun even though I didn’t get it in between the cones.

If we have time after ward Hammond lets us play a game of cricket with all the drills and things that we have learnt so far. When we play the only thing I like to do is to bat because if I want to catch the ball I can’t see it because of the sun.

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  1. You have had me laughing here as I read this Chante - I imagine you out there on the field in the sun, persevering at something you don't sound that thrilled about. Good on you. I won't feel so guilty about pulling you away from cricket to speak to visitors in the future :)

    Mrs Burt


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