Monday, August 20, 2012


Smoking is very addictive, and has thousands of harmful chemicals, that can lead to many illnesses. Some of these include Cancer, Obstructive lung diseases like emphysema which causes people to have a short amount of breath. There is also Coronary heart disease which is the leading death problem in the United States. This is such a disgusting habit and a lot of people die every year from it.

This addiction can not only kill you but it also consumes a LOT of your pay. A person who is addicted to cigarettes, goes through 1-1 and a half packs of smokes a DAY which are $14- $15. This means that you spend up to $105 a WEEK. Don’t you think that this is a huge waste of money?

Smoking is not only addictive, a waste of money or a leading cause to death, it also deteriorates your body. It has such a disgusting smell causing smelly breath, and no one wants to be around someone that has smelly breath. Not only does it make you smell, but your teeth go all rotten and yellow, and so does your fingers. This habit really makes you sick and a LOT of New Zealanders die every year because of smoking.

A lot of smokers start when they are in their teens. Some people would think that they smoke because of family problems, bullying, and many more reasons that are not true. But the main reason teenagers start is to look cool. Many teenagers always think of the moment, not the future. They have got no idea about what can happen when they smoke. Wanting to be cool doesn’t mean you have to start slowly killing yourself to impress people?

Smoking is so disgusting and is a really big problem for New Zealanders and people need to think about the consequence of this. Yes not all smokers will die from heart disease or cancer, but it definitely increases your chances. I am very aware that I too could start smoking but I promised myself that I would do everything in my will to never start smoking.

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