Thursday, August 30, 2012

Neil Armstrong

August 25th 2012, a day of tragedy as american citizens mourn the loss of their American Hero. Neil Armstrong, one of the greats in astronomy passed away at the age of 82, due to complications after heart surgery. Even though he was reluctant to be a public celebrity, America still thought of him as a hero. He  helped in the ‘Cold War Era’ to win the race against the Soviets, in being the first to land on the Moon.

Neil Armstrong did exactly that. Not only was he the first to land on the moon, but three years before that, he had his first space mission with NASA. He was the commander of the Gemini 8 and was one of the first American civilians in space. I think that this was a life changing decision for him, that would turn out to be a HISTORY change for mankind, as his next space mission wasn’t very far.

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