Monday, September 24, 2012

Olympic Day

A surge of excitement flowed through my body, as I waltzed out the door with a piece of toast in my hand. Today was the day, that I try my best at sports........ for the entire day!!! I was kind of looking forward to this Olympic rotation day, but the thought of running around the WHOLE time.......... now that was crazy. Despite this I was keen to see how well I would take it.

Once I was at school, I wasn’t really nervous until I had to go to class and get ready to line up for our procession of countries. I was in Uganda and I had never ever heard of this country until I it was written on my hand. Even though I had never heard of this country I, like many others who hadn’t heard of their countries, still cheered and chanted as we were showing the other teams/countries what we were made of. The sound of laughter and calling, and sportsmanship echoed in the empty halls of the school. This was when I knew that the day would get a whole lot better.

Though I had never heard of my country I was happy to be a part of it. My team was very energetic and we had a very cool leader, Pesi. I was very glad to have a female leader, and the best part of it was that we only had one leader, so it I wasn’t getting confused. She was a great leader and the first place she led us to was the street. We were going to play Hand Ball against Kenya. (That was my favorite activity)

“GO UGANDA” My team was shouting out. We were trying to rally out the Kenyans with the chanting. They were winning so far with the chants, we were ahead in the real game, the one that counts. Uganda won the first, out of many rounds, and when it was my turn, my stomach turned and I wasn’t as ready as I had hoped. The ball was served. My sweaty palm went to hit the ball, it all felt slow like I was in slow motion. I felt like I was going to miss, but to my relief, I had hit it back to the opposition. I let out a sigh, and nodded to my partner, and just then, a load of confidence pumped through my body. But then I saw the the tiny, bright yellow ball bounce towards my partner...................... ‘Slap’ She had hit the ball and our opponents had missed it causing them to make it out. “YYYYEEEEAAAAHHHH” We had won!!!!!! “Go Uganda”, my words were jumbled from the bouncing of my feet. I had made my team proud and I was very happy with my partner. This was my highlight of the day.

After a long time of winning, tying, and losing the rest of our games, the end of the day had come. It was a very weird day, I had actually enjoyed doing sports even though my legs were aching like crazy, and I wanted to do it again. If we do I would really enjoy it, but I would like to be in a country that I have heard of......... :) But overall I loved this activity and I can’t wait to do it again........... GO UGANDA!!!

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  1. Wow Chante !
    What an amazing piece of Writing.I like how you were descriptive. And yes Chante is was a big fun filled day.

    Keep up the awesome work


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