Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Pt England Social

“YAY”  I said to my friend Tanisha. I was going to my first ever Pt England Social. I was jumping all over the place, because I knew that soon
I could dance and everything. Tanisha was going to drop me off to the social because I was all ready to go. But once we got there I felt really underdressed. So I untied my hair and put it to the side. There....... Now I was ready.

I met up with a few of my friends and I saw how different they looked. They were so pretty....... But I decided to go to see my cousin Crusader to see if he looked 'Skuxx' (what they say when they think they are cool). On the way inside I noticed that no one had come according to the theme and also that I was in a line FULL of boys and it was no surprise that the teachers said "finally a girl" I did feel a bit uncomfortable but I knew that they were all my friends.

When I walked in the hall I could see the fluorescent lights complimented nicely with the decoration around the room...... and everyones colourful hats. Plus the balloons and streamers added a very party-like feel. This was a very nice moodsetter.

I was sitting for a while, but then finally Shoal and Rita came through. When I saw Shoal I hadn't even noticed that it was her. She was so pretty, and looked very nice. I knew that by the time I had said that she would be dancing already and sure enough she was. She was so hyped up it made me feel hyped up...... and that contagious feeling went around the room and everyone was happy.

There was so many things going on. There was dougie comps, catdaddy comps, and circles. I was a part of the circle. When we started our circle it was a bit small but gradually grew bigger. Everyone was showing off their dance moves but some people got a bit scared........ I knew I was, until I finally got in and did my best move I had...... (That I could think of) And I think that that was what made my night even better......

I had so much fun jumping around until my feet ached, laughing until my tummy hurt, and dancing till I could dance no more. This what I think the social should be like, and I hope its even better next time.

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