Friday, November 16, 2012


“Ahh the sweet smell of summer. Its great. Don’t you think Bradley?” Amy exclaimed, she had created a little bit of crush towards Bradley, though he didn’t catch on very well. Though But being a 12 year old boy, I don’t think he really knew what to do except play, and annoy people. Bradley hadn’t been listening, he was too busy playing with little Tommy singing Twinkle Twinkle, because that was the only song Tommy knew. The only other boy on this camping trip.

Tommy was only seven years old, and was the youngest boy in the family, he had quite liked hanging out with my best friend Amy whose only 11, and insisted that I let him come with us. I was the eldest. I turned 12 a month before bradley did, so it was my responsibility to keep everyone safe, as well as Bradley, even though I didn’t like to admit that he was much stronger than I was, but I was deffinately the most mature out of us.

My thoughts on how to beat Bradley at things were interrupted by little Tommy. He was talking to a tree. “ Hello there Mr tree, have I seen you before?” he asked poking at the tree like my cat Fluffy when she doesn’t want to eat. “Tommy come on” I grabbed him by the hand and led him to the river where the others were.

“Chante” Bradley called out to me. “Here we go again” I sighed.  is probably going to show me something ‘amazing’ that I have to see, because its just too good to miss, but to my surprise he was looking at the river very cautiously, he made it seem like it was going to gobble him up or something. “Yeah, what's up” I asked him anxiously, “ Haven't we past this already?” Hmm I hadn’t remembered passing this before, but it could just be me. “umm, I am not too sure, but its getting dark, maybe we should just set camp up over here, just until the morning.”

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