Monday, November 19, 2012


Last Term the extension class had the opportunity to recreate a Charles Goldie Painting, this is the painting that I copied.

This Artwork was my inspiration by the famous New Zealand artist Charles Frederick Goldie. He was very famous for painting the Maori back in the 1900’s. His artwork was motivated by the thought of the Maori being extinct, though later on the numbers of  Maori had skyrocketed. He also painted the Maori because of their taonga, like their Moko

The actual painting is called ‘ A Noble Relic, Of a Noble Race’, by Charles Frederick Goldie. It was painted in the year 1910, and today would be 102 years old. Charles Goldie has painted this oil on canvas and has set his painting in a Maori Whare. Te Wharekauri Tahuna was the subject of Goldies painting as he was the Chief of Ngati Manawa.

In the reproduction of this artwork, I had struggled with the moko and the shading. The Moko was very hard to draw, as there was a lot of detail to put towards my final product. This also made me want to research more about the Moko and why people get it.

I hope you enjoy my artwork! Chante-Aria Filipo

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