Thursday, July 25, 2013

Old...New....Choices...LIFE #1

Wow... I actually didn't notice how long it has been.... I have not been on my blog since last year and it has really made everything weird. As you probably all know I have moved schools and house... and city, that's why I haven't posted in a while, a really long time. I haven't really thought much of my blog, and I don't know if that is good or not. Moving house, switching parents, and schools has made things so hard for me words cannot explain how my mood changes so quick, especially becoming a teenager!! My new school? Reporoa College.... Yes I know, a big change.... a good change though. I have moved from a school of 600 or so students to a school that has at least 400.... WOAH from the big city Auckland, to a small farming town in between Rotorua and Taupo, Reporoa.... Is a life changing yet awkward switch, and often people ask me 'Why leave Auckland?' Well ... to answer your question, My dad lives in Reporoa, and all my life dad hasn't been the closest to me, and I really thought that living with him would be the thing I needed, and honestly we have tried so many times but I would be so emotionally unstable that being with my mum would be all I knew, then school was my happy place. I would go there everyday, not only to learn, but to see friends, meet visitors, introduce people to where we live and show an insight through a students mind of Pt England and our school and the area that we all are growing up in, and occasionally we would get the odd, "really"," Is that it" and so on comments about school, but really I never saw how that could ever fit in to peoples minds because, although we live in a lower income rate community, its what people give to the children of our school, and how we choose to use them thats all that matters, right? Then I realised that I had to grow up and fill the NEW shoes that had been put to rest for me with my dad. It was a hard decision to make but I eventually made the choice to stay with my dad. I had learnt so much at PT England, and I wanted to show other people, not only those that come to our school,but those that I could go to.... I really wanted to show them how much I had taken on bored in the seven and a half years that I attended. I really think that people are starting to like the  new me.... and that is a good thing... I think? :)Well  that's enough for tonight, hopefully there is enough signal for me to post in the next few days. :)

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  1. How wonderful to hear your voice Chante. I have missed you heaps and yet I see you around me often because your digital record is alive and well at Pt England. This year the Year six ambassadors play your fab movie "I know I Can" from the film festival to our visitors very week, so I often walk around expecting o see you!

    Keep posting

    Mrs Burt


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