Thursday, July 22, 2010

As soon as I walked into the hall for our Immersion assembly I was amazed at all the teachers in their wonderful most terrific costumes.All I could see was black,red,white and heaps more colours,then I got pushed because I was day dreaming to much.It was o.k though because I didn’t get hurt.Once we all sat down Mr Burt talked to the school about our topic for this term.I kind of wasn’t listing until.....”MIGHTY MARINERS”.I got a huge fright as the school and teachers

yelled it out,I just had to stop drifting away to fairyland and actually start listing to what Mr Burt was saying otherwise I might get another huge fright so I did.Mr Burt said something like “mighty mariners are people who have a lot of courage to sail around the world” or at least something a long those lines because I may have drifted away again but only just a little which was good I hope.

Anyway one of my favorite teams was team 2 because of Mrs She.She was a very aggressive pirate and sounded like she had a few beers.It was very funny.

My other favourite was team 4 because of Miss King,the prettiest pirate of all time,was looking for Johny Depp Who played Jack Sparrow in the movie Pirates of the Caribbean.Suddenly “JOHNY”she cried waving to Mrs Tele’a who was pretending to be Jack Sparrow waved back.

I honestly can not wait to see what the teachers will where for next terms topic because it is funny seeing the teachers humiliate themselves.

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