Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Me,Myself and I

This is a digital collage that I created on comic life, in extension. It is about my beliefs, cultures and symbols that I think represent me.

The first symbol (which are the flags) represent my cultures and where my family comes from.

The second picture represents what I think is true!!!
"Loyalty it's what we live by.........Respect, It's what we die for"

The third picture represents my religious beliefs. I am a catholic and all of my fathers family are catholic too. My baptism name is Lucia.

Also the last symbol is FAMILY. I love my family even though at times I feel like yelling at them!!! Being the eldest is super annoying! I have two sisters that I don't get to see much, in fact the last time I saw them was last year July. And then there is my brother. Four years old and cheeky as. He is such a monkey, actually they all are.

Oops I nearly forgot, if you have a Flickr account, you can see my photo there as well!!!
Just click HERE

I hope you enjoy!!!!!!!

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  1. Hi Chante,

    Nice post. I enjoyed reading it, as well as looking at the picture. Your graphic was really artistic and I absolutely loved it. Wow, I found out a few things from this that I didn't know about you.
    If you visit my blog, you will also be able to the digital collage, I have created. I would really appreciate it if you would go and check it out.



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