Tuesday, February 7, 2012

My Christmas In Rotorua

I was in Rotorua with my dad and his Family though most of them have moved to Australia. My dad is an actor and is doing theatre work at the blue baths, So I decided that I wanted to have Chistmas with my dad here in Rotorua. The very smelly but amazing place.

Christmas was fun we had the traditional go to church for midnight mass, then open ONE present and one present only. It was awesome because I got a pair of sandels that I was looking at the day before!

There was only four of us that Christmas #sad life!!! My two big sisters Nifo and Sinta, also my big brother Taofia. We were all invited to our other families houses but decided to stay at home and make our own lunch so we did!!!

We all made a dish. I made a paster dish and my siblings made meat dishes and things like that.

Though this is a brief and short post about my Christmas it was VERY VERY FUN. THANKS DAD!!!!!

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