Thursday, March 8, 2012

Dr Ben Carson

On Tuesday the 6th of march, some Pt England students, had the opportunity to see Dr Ben Carson and hear his life story. It was very interesting. This is a report like piece of writing my buddies and I have written.

Dr Ben Carson was born in Detroit Michigan, America. He was raised by his mother who only had a third grade education and was married at the age of thirteen. Sadly when Benjamin was only 8 years old, his parents divorced and Ben’s mother Sonya, was left to raise the boys alone. She had 2-3 jobs at a time, to help provide things for them.

Dummy Dummy Dummy, that is what Ben’s 5th grade classmates would always call him, and because of this, he had a violent and uncontrollable temper. When their mother found out that her sons grades were plummeting, she was determined to help change her children’s lives by giving them a limited t.v watching time and make them read two books from the library, and write a review on it. But, because of Sonya’s poor education she could hardly read a thing, though she would try to give them a tick and make it look like she had read and marked their writing.

A few weeks later, Ben shocked his whole class by identifying a black shiny rock, it was called an obsidian. He remembered reading about it in a book. At that moment, he realised he wasn’t stupid. He was hungry for more knowledge. For this he needed to control his temper. A year later Ben was at the top of his class,  and it was all thanks to his mother, who pushed him to his limits. Now Ben Carson is a neurosurgeon and is trying to help other children, who have the disadvantage of living in a poor community, like he did when he was young.

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  1. Wonderful blog and thanks for sharing your thoughts about Ben Carson! Good luck with your learning journey! I wish you and your friends every bit of success this year!

    take care

    Mrs Vimahi
    Nga Iwi School


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