Monday, March 12, 2012

The exciting and first day of camp!!!!!

The exciting and first day of camp!!!!!

YAY CAMP. Today was the first day of camp, and it was so so so exciting!!! I was really looking forward to it and knew this would be a very amazing adventure.

At camp we always do fun activities and I always enjoy them. Team Respect (my team) followed our leaders Cruz and Mino, to our first activity for the day. It was pretty weird for us, though it was fun in a kind of way. This was box fit. As you can see the name ‘box fit’ has something to do with boxing of course. Skills to help us keep fit and as usual it was DEFINITELY tiring!!! I don’t know if I really want to do this activity again. (Shows how fit I am)

A bit later we met up with Ms Squires and would be setting up our tents ALONE. Luckily I had a bit of practice in class... well actually everyone had a bit of practice, so we were all speeding through it. I was in a group with Jay’lee, Mubba, Vivienne, Mary L and Mino. We put up about 3-4 tents.

Well I can NOT wait until tomorrow!!! Bring it on.

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