Friday, March 23, 2012

The Amazing Race.

“Run Mubba Run!!!”I yelled. My partner Mubbashira (Mubz or Mubba for short) was taking a long time to run with me to find the first clue! We were in the Amazing Race Pt England and I was ready to win!

At the start of the activity, team respect was off to the big marquee to get ready for our fourth activity on our first day. I was so excited! While we were waiting for Mr Barks to come and explain what we had to do, I was wondering what we were to do with the equipment placed in front of us. There was a long bit of string, some newspaper, a stick that looked like a Y, and also some tyre rubber. Do you know what we were going to try make?Mr barks came in with a slingshot, and told us about how we were going to make them. At that moment, I was a bit nervous about the challenge.

Suddenly we were quickly cutting and there was some people from my group, Mubba, Vivienne, Mary L, and Jay’lee, putting together our missiles that we were going to use to hit the buckets of points.

When we had finished making the slingshots, we were off to shoot our newspaper balls out of it. Vivienne was the first one to get our groups some points. She got 100 points for our group..... “ GO VIVIENNE” everyone was shouting!!! She was the best aimer out of all of us!

We got a lot of points and I thought that that was the end of our activity...... I was wrong! We had two more challenges. Our second Challenge, was a quest to find, the signs that were on the map, given to us by Mr Barks and Mrs Lagitupu. It was fun but I was running most of the time because Mubba was taking for long to run with me. I told her to catch up with me later and just when I told her that she started walking “MUBBA” I was so tired!

The third and last challenge we had was making a hobo stove, with the equipment we gathered. It was just a little bit hard but we got there in the end. Even though my team was a bit angry with me because I accidently knocked our egg off the stove, I thought that we did pretty well.

I loved the amazing race and I can’t wait until next years camp.

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