Friday, May 27, 2011

Going to Wellington Part 2

Okay so we just got to the airport.  It was quite a long ride to get to the airport.

Because the girls were with Mrs Burt we got to have cameras to look after. I got a still Cam.

Mr Burt and the boys finally arrived in the underground parking to meet up with Mrs Burt Vivienne, Litia, Rita and I. Mr Burt told us that we are a blob and that we have to stick together. So we all agreed that we would all stick together.

It was quite windy outside the airport so we all rushed inside. All the ambassadors and Mr and Mrs Burt.

Once we were all inside the airport Mr Burt tried to swipe his online ticket in the scanner but he couldn't. I giggled and Rita did too. Mr Burt tried again and again.

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