Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Redesigning my netbook

For the last few days room seventeen has been designing things my using their technological and creative ideas for this terms topic.

Today our task was to redesign our net book bags. This activity was by far my favourite yet. We had to us the bar key. So on my net book bag I added a Drawer that shall give out a pen and paper just in case I need it to do some homework. I also added a an I pad 2 to the front of my net book bag to make it entertaining. That was the A in bar. Next I replaced the zip with a voice activated zip so that only I can activate it. I replaced the ASUS with my name.

I added the voice activated zip to make sure that I would be the only one whom could have access to my net book. And I turned the ASUS with my name so that everyone would know that it belonged to me. I think that I did make my net book bag better by adding the drawer and the I Pad. I don’t think I made it faster how ever putting the skateboard with the bag to bring it to me might make it faster. You never know.


  1. Excellent work! I love the idea of the voice activated lock! Keep up the good work.

    Miss Ouano : )

  2. Hey Chante, I like your brain storming (or what it loooks like) on th paper. It looks so creative. I'd like to see more.

    Your sincerely Tyla-Marie


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